Thursday, August 13

Muktamar PAS passes motion to review Tahaluf Siyasi concept


SHAH ALAM: Muktamar PAS yesterday passed without debate the motion made by its Dewan Ulama which calls on the party to study, review and evaluate the concept of Tahaluf Siyasi (political cooperation) in the opposition pact.

The motion stated that this was to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, as well as success and failures, of the concept in terms of ‘mafsadah’ (harm) and maslahah (benefit).

It was also aimed at improving and strengthening the opposition pact to face the 14th general election.

Also passed without debate was the motion made by a Teluk Intan PAS delegate calling for the party leadership to ensure that no PAS leaders and staff would become followers of Syiah teachings. — Bernama