Wednesday, August 17

Senior citizen seeks help to end alleged bullying


KOTA KINABALU: A senior citizen in Taman Seputeh who was allegedly being ‘bullied’ by his Datuk neighbour, is appealing to the relevant authorities to solve his problem.

The 81-year-old Wong Mui Su, who has been staying at Taman Seputeh since 1985, said his family had been living in fear since 2012 after his neighbour had built a huge bungalow next to his land.

“The Datuk is very arrogant and even threatened my family to move out of our land because our house and the fruit trees that I had planted around my land are not beautiful. He said if I do not move out he would skin me alive.

“I have made 13 police reports since 2012 and even brought him to court but he never stopped harassing me. He recently poisoned my fruits and warned my family to leave our property,” he said in a press conference at the DAP Sabah headquarters yesterday.

Wong also said the plants around his water tank were also allegedly poisoned by his neighbour.

He said the reason he was bringing the matter to DAP was to ensure that his voice was heard by the relevant authorities so that they could help him end the ‘bullying’.

“I have made police reports but the police also could not do anything. The Datuk is not afraid of the police. I have brought him to court but he is not afraid of the court because he is a rich man. I do not know where to go.

“My mother bought the land in 1946, and we started planting fruits in the area since 1981. I built my house there in 1985 and have stayed there with my wife and my son until today. The Datuk only built his house in 2012 but did not respect me,” he said.

Likas assemblyman Junz Wong, who was at the press conference yesterday, said DAP Sabah urged the relevant authorities to take action against the Datuk.

“The relevant authorities should protect the people as Malaysia is a country of law,” he said.