Kelantan fourth state to be hit by monsoon floods


KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan yesterday became the fourth state to be struck by the annual monsoon floods which have already hit Johor, Pahang and Terengganu.

As of 4pm, 436 people had been evacuated in Kelantan, bringing to 33,365 the number of people moved out of their homes in all the four states. A total of 8,250 people had been evacuated in Johor, 19,750 in Pahang and 4,929 in Terengganu.

Pahang seems to be the worst affected of the four states. More than 1,000 sub-stations of Tenaga Nasional Berhad in several districts were flooded, forcing the electricity company to disconnect power supply to 62,907 consumers for 12 hours.

Power supply has been restored in stages in the affected areas.

The state capital, Kuantan, was almost paralysed after power and water supply was cut off in most areas. Shops and offices had to close.

TNB also disconnected power supply in Kemaman, Terengganu, to about 5,000 consumers after 141 sub-stations were flooded as of 2pm. The power outage resulted in stalled pumps of Syarikat Air Terengganu, leaving about 7,500 consumers in several districts without water supply since early yesterday.

The situation in the flood-hit states could only worsen as the weatherman has forecast more rain.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department yesterday issued an orange-stage heavy rain warning for several areas in Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu, saying that the rain was expected to continue until today.

In Kelantan, the 436 evacuees are from Mengkebang and Olak Jeram. They are being housed at five relief centres.

They were forced out of their homes after the Sungai Kelantan and Sungai Lebir burst their banks.

The level of the other rivers in Kelantan are reportedly rising as rain continues to fall in many of the interior areas.

No major roads have been closed and neither were there reports of casualties.

In Pahang, the evacuees were being sheltered at 73 relief centres in five districts, namely Kuantan (12,007 at 46 centres), Rompin (3,982 at 10 centres), Pekan (2,750 at nine centres), Maran (1,005 at seven centres) and the rest at one centre in Jerantut.

The authorities have advised people in other low-lying areas to be prepare d to evacuate as rain has been forecast until yesterday. Several roads remain closed as stretches have been flooded, even more than one metre deep at some places.

In Johor, the number of evacuees had risen to 8,250 yesterday evening from 7,106 in the morning.

The portal of the National Security Council reported that Mersing had 5,694 people at relief centres, Segamat (1,081), Kluang (975), Kota Tinggi (212), Muar (217) and Batu Pahat (71).

In Terengganu, 1,443 more people have been evacuated in the three affected districts of Kemaman, Dungun and Hulu Terengganu, raising the number of evacuees in the state to 4,929.

Thirty-six relief centres have been opened in Kemaman, five in Dungun and 17 in Hulu Terengganu. — Bernama