Thursday, August 11

Curtin Sarawak business students score with MyBotto holder


Curtin Sarawak business students score with MyBotto holder

MIRI: Twelve Curtin University Sarawak first-year business students have received commendations from consumer product company MyBotto and Curtin Business School for their outstanding marketing plans for the MyBotto Project.

The project was part of the Marketing Idol Competition organised at Curtin University and its campuses in Sydney, Singapore and Miri.

It required students to propose a real, practical and feasible marketing plan for MyBotto’s fun and stylish inverted bottle holder with the objectives of launching the product next year and building product awareness.

The specially-designed bottle holder reduces waste as it uses the natural force of gravity to squeeze out every drop of lotion, gel or potion left in bottles.

In a statement yesterday, Curtin Sarawak said under the project, the students were required to prepare their marketing plan based on the 4Ps concept (Product, Price, Place and Promotion), as well as to identify the target market and formulate a budget and implementation plan.

The 12 students involved were Alexander Chin, Chang Yam Kei, Wong Leh Yoong and Yong Soon Lai (Group 1); Latifah Mzee Hamiz Salim Boma, Soo Yann Bin, Jong Fong Yau and Chung Vun Wei (Group 2); and Stephanie Wong, Nur Hadaina Abdul Jalil, Razmi Saharuddin and Maisarah Ahmad (Group 3).

They were acknowledged for their creativity in recommending promotional strategies involving the use of social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as mobile applications and QR Code.

Teaching and Learning associate dean and senior marketing lecturer Dr Shamsul Kamariah said they took on the project under the Marketing 100 unit, a core unit for all business majors where students are assessed through online tests, individual assignments and a major group marketing plan.

The recognition marks yet another achievement for Curtin Sarawak’s School of Business in its commitment to ensuring students are job-ready when they graduate.