Life different bag of marbles for today’s kids — Rohani


WELL DONE: Rohani (second right) presenting cash incentive to a student who scored 5As in her UPSR, witnessed by PAKK Miri chairman Jafar (right). Students from SK Tudan, SK Senadin, SK Merbau and SK Lutong were rewarded for excellence.

MIRI: Parents are reminded to be aware that their children are in a different era far removed from them and face different challenges in their daily lives.

Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Datuk Seri Rohani Karim said this awareness is important to help parents raise their children to be better off.

“Today’s children are more intelligent because they are surrounded by modern technologies.

“Parents of this era cannot treat or raise their children the same way they were raised in their own childhood days. The challenges are not the same,” she said.

According to Rohani, the lives of today’s young generation are very much influenced by technology, especially what they see and learn from the cyber world, and many parents may not be aware of this because they grew up in a different era.

“There are (also) many negative trends from the Internet which are affecting our children today.

“There’s even a trend known as ‘self-harming’ where the youngster cause injuries to themselves and this can be very damaging to the life of our child,” she said.

She added that the present younger generation is also prone to cyber bullies which can cause depression among them.

Rohani said parents who come across their children behaving differently, such as locking themselves in their room or avoiding communication with their family, should always approach their children.

“If you (parents) see your children behaving in such manner, you must approach or talk to them. Do not leave them alone like that because they are very fragile.

“They may end up doing bad things including harming themselves,” she said adding that there are a number of cases where children below age 12 tried committing suicide.

Rohani said this in her address during a visit to the Miri Division Children Activity Centre (PAKK) in Desa Pujut here.

Among those present to welcome her was PAKK Miri chairman Jafar Yusuf@Yusof.

Elaborating, Rohani said parents, no matter how busy they are, should always make time for their children in order to understand and know what their children are going through.

“Especially parents who are both working. You must try to spare some time to spend with your children. Always talk to them and show that you are concerned.

“If you do not do that, your children will turn to other things for attention, including the Internet where they are exposed to many negative trends,” she cautioned.

Meanwhile, commenting on PAKK Miri, Rohani urged the centre’s committee to come up with activities to raise funds for the centre.

“I am aware that the centre is running on limited fund and I would like to urge the centre’s committee, with help from parents, to hold fund-raising activities or solicit fund from corporate bodies.

“Our other centres nationwide are also facing the same problem of limited fund. But I am sure that the committee here can raise funds on their own accord to supplement the allocation already provided for them,” she said.

Earlier, the centre’s chairman had requested that the annual allocation of RM17,000 which is also shared with Children Protection Team (PPKK) be increased as it is insufficient.

Rohani said, there are 149 PAKK nationwide which are operating at the cost of RM2.5 million and the problem of limited funds have been voiced a number of times.

“We are working hard to have this total fund increased in the annual budget and at the same time, we also urged the centre’s committee to collaborate with parents to raise extra money for the centre’s activities.”

In conjunction with her visit, Rohani also announced a RM5,000 contribution for PAKK Miri, to help the centre finance its activities.

During the visit, Rohani also presented incentives and prizes to 30 students who scored 5As and six students who scored 4As and 1B in this year’s UPSR examination.

The students were from SK Tudan, SK Senadin, SK Merbau and SK Lutong.

Meanwhile, PAKK’s establishment is a comprehensive effort and more systematic and effective in preventing the abuse and neglect of children.

PAKK programmes support services organised by the Child Protection Team.

PAKK’s established objectives are to organise programmes and support services oriented to prevention and protection, especially for children abused by their families.

PAKK membership consists of a small committee appointed by the Child Protection Team.