Tuesday, August 9

Limbang Hospital needs more haemodialysis machines – Hasbi


WALK FOR HEALTH: Hasbi (third right) and Jerry (second right) officiating at the programme while Dr Nurliza (seventh left), Ang (fourth right) and others look on.

LIMBANG: Limbang Hospital is in dire need of more haemodialysis machines as the current machines are not enough to meet the needs of increasing number of patients each year.

Limbang Member of Parliament Hasbi Habibollah said in view of the shortage of machines, many, especially, those from the low income group may have to wait for their turn to receive treatment, while others have to spend substantial amount of money at private dialysis centres outside of Limbang.

“We really sympathise with these patients some of whom have to be referred to hospitals or dialysis centres outside of Limbang because the existing eight machines are not enough to meet the needs of increasing number of patients.

It is the only such centre in Limbang, thus several others have to be placed in the waiting list for so long, to receive treatment at the hospital,” he said when met after the launch of the ‘Walking 10,000 Steps A Day’ programme with Limbang Hospital’s Board of Visitors, yesterday.

Also present were director of Limbang Hospital, Dr. Nurliza Jusoh, chairman of Limbang Hospital’s Board of Visitors Councillor Jerry Seraie and Temenggung Ang Kheng Su.

Hasbi added although there were recent additional machines and extension made to the haemodialysis unit, through public donation, the eight machines were still not sufficient, each having to operate three times a day.

Meanwhile, he also urged the minister and top officials of Ministry of Health to visit Limbang to have first-hand look at its health’s requirements and other urgent medical facilities required by the people.

“Among them are the Medamit Clinic which needs to be urgently relocated across the river and other health related facilities,” he added.