Friday, May 24

Persafe launches Bintulu corporate office in accordance with plan


OFFICIALLY OPEN: (From second right) Ose and Felix cutting the ribbons to officially open the Persafe corporate office as other guests look on.

BINTULU: Persafe Engineering Sdn Bhd’s (Persafe) corporate office at Palm Villa Bintulu was officially opened yesterday.

The official opening ceremony was officiated by Deputy State Secretary, Datu Ose Murang.

Persafe executive director Felix George Ukab said the modest and functional-sized office, which comprises three units of three-storey commercial shophouse was purchased in 2010.

“Retrofit works were undertaken to re-structure the building in accordance with our plan and current business requirements.

“This building gives us ample space to accommodate all departments and company subsidiaries and their staff, including provision for future growth,” he said.

The new corporate headquarters, he said, is a masterpiece story about challenge, determination, commitment and courage which the board of directors, management and all employees have collectively taken and contributed over the last 18 years since the establishment of the company in 1995.

“This is a strong testimony of how far Persafe have grown over the years.

“Indeed, this facility give us a great sense of pride, achievement and an inspiration to take a major step forward to bring Persafe to a new chapter,” said Felix.

Also present were Persafe managing director and chief executive officer, Peru Balan Ding, dignitaries from Rurum Kelabit Sarawak Datu Robert Lian, Dato Isaac Lugun, Gerawat Gala and fellow board of directors and management of Persafe.