Sunday, April 21

Brunei-Muara areas suffer blackout during downpour


BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: Several areas in the Brunei-Muara District were affected by a blackout yesterday as the Department of Electrical Services worked to normalise the power supply to as many affected areas as possible, Borneo Bulletin reported.

The first report was received around 6.15pm, after a 11-kilovolt line was struck by lightning during yesterday’s downpour, affecting the Pasar Gadong, Kiarong and Beribi areas. The technical details of the power disruption are yet to be known.

Later, the Kg Sg Akar area suffered a blackout after a tree struck by lightning fell on an 11-kilovolt power line at Simpang 378-7 at 8.35pm.

The Department of Electrical Services urged members of the public not to plant trees, especially fruit trees, as strong winds alone are enough to cause disruption to the power supply.