Lee: College govt’s effort to ensure youths get education


FOR YOU: Lee (right) receiving a memento from Syafie while the others look on.

MIRI: Miri Community College is an effort by the government to ensure that Malaysian youths get the education they need to succeed in life, even though they did not do well in their secondary school examinations.

Assistant Minister of Communications Datuk Lee Kim Shin who said this added that many parents felt that their children will not have a future if they did not do well in their secondary school examinations.

He said such mindset should be changed as the government had come up with various efforts to help youths including by making available colleges such as Miri Community College to help them.

“Miri Community College has designed courses for those who cannot afford to go to other higher learning institutions as well as those who did not do well in their public examinations.

“By attending the courses offered, the youths can equip themselves with relevant skills that may land them job with high paying salary, some even higher than those from other higher learning institution,” he said.

Lee added that parents should be aware of the existence of community colleges as these colleges were set up by the government to help the local community shape a better life for themselves.

“What everyone should be aware of is that Miri Community College is not only for school leavers, but it also caters to working adults who wish to obtain certain skills or upgrade their skill in order to change to a better job,” he said.

He added that this is part of the government’s transformation programme to make Malaysia a high income nation.

“Without the right skills, the nation will not prosper and cannot become a high income nation,” he pointed out.

Lee said this after a meeting on the establishment of Miri Community College Advisory Board yesterday which was held at the premises of the college.

Also present was Miri Community College director Syafie Abdurrahman as well as the college’s staff and lecturers.

At the meeting Lee was appointed as chairman of the advisory board.

According to Syafie, Lee has the desire to see his local community especially the people under his care, move forward and be competitive in improving their skills parallel with the objectives of the establishment of Miri Community College.

“He (Lee) can help in promoting the college as one of the government’s higher learning institutions that focuses on enhancing the educational skills of a student to produce competence and reliable graduates in the job market,” he said.

After the meeting, Lee went on a guided tour of the college and its facilities.