Tuesday, May 18

Futsal raises awareness of drug abuse


KENINGAU: Competing in futsal sport is part of a health care program that promotes physical fitness and mental alertness, especially for the younger generation, said Community Development and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Hajah Jainab Haji Ahmad Ayid.

She said such activities also can keep young people away from social ills, particularly drug abuse, for the benefit of an excellent and drug-free society.

“This is the transformation sought by the Malaysian Drug Prevention Association (Pemadam) to give awareness of the dangers of drug abuse which is becoming the number one enemy of the country,” she said at the opening ceremony and prize presentation of the state-level Pemadam futsal competition at Perkasa hotel here on Saturday night.

She said the competition organized by the State Pemadam from the district level to the state level is aimed at increasing public awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

In addition, she said the competition also hopes to unearth new talents in the field of sports which can be brought up to the national level of Pemadam futsal competition, as achieved by the Pemadam Futsal team from Sabah, represented by Pemadam Putatan district, which won third place.

“This success achieved by Pemadam in the field of sports is unprecedented. Hopefully, the State Pemadam will become a lot better than this in the future. Congratulations to Pemadam Putatan District.

In the competition held at the Xpertise Futsal courts here, Keningau district representing Upper Interior Zone emerged as the champion in the men’s category. Pemadam Lahad Datu District represented Tawau zone emerged as the champion in the women’s category.

A total of 12 teams from six zones in the state took part in a competition organized by the State Pemadam. The zones consist of Upper Interior, Lower Interior, South West Coast, West Coast North, Sandakan and Tawau.

Second place in the men and women category were won by Pemadam from Sipitang District representing Lower Interior Zone and Pemadam Tenom district representing Upper Interior, while third place in both categories were won by Pemadam Kota Kinabalu representing West Coast South and Pemadam Membakut representing Lower Interior zone.

The three teams in men categories that received consolation prizes were Pemadam Pitas representing the North West Coast, Pemadam Tawau and Pemadam Beluran representing Sandakan zone while in the women category were Pemadam Putatan representing West Coast South, Pemadam Pitas representing North West Coast zone and Pemadam Beluran representing Sandakan zone.

Also present at the event were Community Development and Consumer Affairs Ministry permanent secretary Datuk Hajah Siti Sapoo Haji Abok and District Officer Haji Amat Mohd Yusof.