Quick action by police nabs habitual thief


SNATCHING SOLVED IN TWO HOURS: The suspect being escorted to the police station to facilitate investigation into an attempted snatching case in Lanang Lane 1 on Friday.

SIBU: Old habit dies hard. A habitual thief was released from an eight-month jail sentence in October for snatching, and he went back to his old ways on Friday night.

However, police acted promptly and pounced on him within two hours after a failed snatching incident at about 7.30pm.

Police believe the 20-year-old man commit crimes alone.

In the 7.30pm incident, a 50-year-old woman was closing her shop at Lanang Lane 1 when the suspect made his move.

He snatched her handbag, but the woman put up a struggle.

When he tried to ride off with the woman’s bag, the bag became stuck to the wheel of his motorcycle, and the jolt caused him to fall off the vehicle.

He quickly fled on foot, leaving his motorcycle and the woman’s bag behind.

A report was lodged, and the police acted quickly. They found that the suspect had borrowed the motorcycle from a friend.

With the help of a member of the public, police stormed his house in Bukit Assek Road and arrested him at 9.30pm.

Meanwhile, in another incident during late morning on the same day, a woman was snatched of her handbag as she was walking out from a bank with cash totalling RM1,500.

She had withdrawn RM500 while her mother RM1,000, and both their money was kept in the handbag.

Two strangers on a motorcycle then came along and the pillion rider snatched the bag before speeding off.

A police report was immediately lodged, and the woman quickly cancelled her credit card for fear it would be used by the snatch thieves.