Giving gifts that palliative patients are in need of


Jacqueline (front row, fourth right) with SNE staff (in red shirt) and palliative care volunteers.

Surgical gloves are among the gifts to the Palliative Care Centre.

MIRI: The Palliative Care Association of Miri (PCAM) which has its centre at Lopeng Road received a much needed Chinese New Year gift from SNE (Super Nutrients Essence) Sdn Berhad on Tuesday.

It took the form of disposable syringes, surgical gloves, catheters, gauze, cotton wool, dressing packs and cleansing solutions which were handed over to the coordinator of the association, Jacqueline Buri, witnessed by the association’s volunteers and staff from SNE.

SNE is a product distributor based in Bandar Baru Permajaya, Miri.

Jacqueline thanked them for donating the Chinese New Year gifts and for coming to the centre to find out about their role and function.

The visitors also witnessed a massage session carried out on a stroke patient by volunteer Pui.

“These gifts are needed by volunteers and nurses on home visits to critically ill and stroke patients.

“PCAM has a small budget so these materials can be in short supply as they are given free to patients in need of palliative care,” said Jacqueline.

One of the essential items in Miri is the oxygen machine to facilitate breathing in patients whose lungs are not functioning well.

The centre has only three machines, each costing RM4,000 to RM5,000.

And as most families cannot afford to buy their own, they can borrow it from the Palliative Care Centre.

On average, PCAM services 50 patients monthly.