Monday, August 10

Only ROS, court can decide on my party status, says Peter Chin


Tan Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui

MIRI: A defiant SUPP president Tan Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui says nobody has the right to question the legality of his party membership and position as president as only the Registrar of Societies (ROS) has the authority to decide on his status in the party.

“Only my detractors say I am not legal but neither the ROS nor the court has said that I am illegal,” he said in a press conference at SUPP Pujut branch office yesterday.

Chin said he was properly elected on Dec 11 in 2011 at the Triennial Delegates Conference by the duly elected central committee (CC) members, and considered himself fit and proper to remain as President of the party until his term expires.

“As there is no directive from the Registrar of Societies to relinquish my post as party president, I do not wish to debate on this matter,” he said in a statement.

On allegations that he has lost his status as delegate and member of the central committee, he pointed out the party’s constitution under Section 18 affirmed his membership.

“ My status as delegate or member of the CC is by virtue of sub-section (1) ( i) of Section 18 (as existing member of the CC); therefore, despite the decision of the Registrar of Societies to cancel the registration of SUPP Bekenu branch as stated in their letter on 6th January , “ he said.

Chin was the chairman of Bekenu branch and the deregistration of the branch led some members of the party to believe that he could no longer be a delegate to the CC.

On the status of party members in the de-registered Bekenu and Piasau branches, he said they were still legal members of SUPP as provided under Section 7 and 8 of the constitution and specific section of the Societies Act 1966.

“The central leadership has consulted legal counsel on the matter and we will not change our stance unless otherwise directed by the proper authorities,” he said.

Chin stressed that he and the party’s central leadership were duty-bound to explain to grassroots members the status of the party and appeals to ROS on the deregistration and reply to the show cause letter against the party.

He made the statement after meeting members and leaders in Miri, Batu Niah and Sibuti yesterday.

Chin, who has been with SUPP Bekenu since 1986, said he had assured members that party central had taken all necessary steps to appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs to reverse the deregistration of the branch.

Asked if the appeal has been submitted, he replied “We have until the Feb 16,” .