Tuesday, August 16

67 apply for Larry Sng Education Fund


KAPIT: Sixty-seven students sent in applications for the annual Larry Sng Education Fund by the deadline of Jan 20.

Fund chairman Larry Sng said the applications were for both diploma and degree courses.

“So far from our meeting we’ve identified 35 approved applicants out of 67 total received. The applicants not approved were mainly due to lack of documentation, in particular official receipts of entry into higher learning for 2013,” he said during a meeting on Tuesday.

“This fund is only given to those who are qualified for diploma and degree studies in N54 Pelagus only and it is subject to first-time applicants. For those KIV (keep in view), 32 of them yet to be approved, the office shall contact the applicants directly for further documentation. The funds would be presented in early February after the Chinese New Year celebration.”

The Larry Sng Education Fund was established in 2001 with an initial sum of RM1 million.

Successful applicants receive RM500 to encourage and assist them in their pursuit of a tertiary qualification.