Tuesday, November 12

Boy loses 4 fingers in freak escalator mishap


The young boy’s mangled left hand.

KUCHING: A three-year-old boy lost four fingers on his left hand following a freak escalator mishap at a shopping mall in Sungai Moyan, Batu Kawah here yesterday.

The incident occurred around 5pm when the boy and his family, who are from the same area, visited the mall to shop for Chinese New Year goods.

According to sources, the young boy was playing with his elder brother while riding the escalator when he fell and had his left hand caught at the base of the escalator.

Workers at a nearby store immediately went to his aid and managed to free his trapped hand, only to discover that four of his fingers were already mangled.

The boy was rushed to the Sarawak General Hospital for treatment, and family members were too distraught to speak when approached by reporters.