Tuesday, August 20

Filming of ‘Life of Sape’ needs more charity


Annie Goh

KUCHING: A charity film ‘Life of Sape’ – scheduled for shooting on March 27 – is calling for more volunteers to contribute to not just the local production but also play a role in developing the state’s filming industry.

Director Annie Goh said the 45-minute film has an ultimate target of being aired on local TV stations and Astro while looking forward to receiving collaboration from more charitable organisations.

Set to be her second production, Goh said her inaugural film was one which she worked on raising funds for the Kuching Life Care Society, an NGO which is striving to build its Palliative Care Centre here.

“To make ‘Life of Sape’ a success, we will need more volunteers to come forward. At the moment, we have over 10 actors, actresses and crew on the production team.

“We also look at working with seven or-so charitable organisations to help us with the sale of DVDs. We produce the film and they help us sell the DVDs. In terms of proceeds, they will get 80 per cent and the remaining will go to cover production costs,” she said in an interview here yesterday.

The production team is still looking for a production manager, floor manager, location researcher cum coordinator, set setting and prop man, camera assistant, lighting assistant, director assistant, make-up artist, hair dresser, production assistant, actors and actresses.

The shooting of ‘Life of Sape’ will take place in the city and a village in Siniawan within 10 to 12 days, if all goes to schedule. International photographer Jeff Voon, who is a Mirian, will be part of the production team.

Besides, an audition has been fixed on March 1. Venue and time will be revealed on Facebook page ‘Deja Brew Movies by Ann’.

Goh admitted the shooting duration, despite a short period, would be tough for volunteers who are expected to pay for their own food, transport and so forth.

“Although we already have the main cast ready for shooting, a casting audition will take place on March 1, a Saturday, to pick the best for the film.

“I hope volunteers look at it as an opportunity to pick up experiences in filming. There are people interested in filming and ‘Life of Sape’ is offering a platform for us to explore and do more.”

The upcoming film, according to Goh, will carry conversations in not just Mandarin but also Bahasa Malaysia, local Malay, Hakka and Hockien. It promises to bring out the friendliness and togetherness of people of Sarawak.

Singaporean artist Alvin Giam of over 30 years of experience has volunteered to co-produce the film, which will take months to edit and conclude.

Goh believed ‘Life of Sape’ would be up and ready early next year to ring in the Year of the Goat.

“I can understand some volunteers may ask ‘What’s next?’ after ‘Life of Sape’. Well, I am also working on another major production worth RM1.3 million after this. Quality crew members will certainly be invited to take part in coming films.

“They may also ask when the film will be on the air. I can assure them it takes time to do editing to produce a quality film. We are hoping ‘Life of Sape’ could be a Lunar New Year film next year.”

Apart from seeking volunteers and collaboration with charitable organisations, she said the production team would appreciate sponsorships – cash and kind or even transport.

For instance, she said if a shopping mall here donated cash for the film in the name of charity, credits would not go unnoticed.

“We will arrange to shoot a scene or two at the shopping mall as a form of promotion or appreciation for our sponsors. We will need all the sponsorship and help we can get including transport since we need to ship our shooting equipment all the way to Siniawan.”

She also thanked several individuals and partners including Giam, Temenggong Lu Kim Yong, Dr Philip Kho of Borneo Medical Centre, Slap member Rambo and Star Multimedia Lab for helping and pledging help to ensure a successful shooting of ‘Life of Sape’.

Interested volunteers are advised to call Goh at 019-886 2345 or send a message to Facebook page ‘Deja Brew Movies by Ann’.