Wednesday, May 31

Woman’s curiosity leads to gruesome find


The suspect, carrying her daughter, being escorted by police to Bintulu Hospital.

The black plastic bag containing the foetus was discovered buried behind the flats.

BINTULU: A woman who was spying on her neighbour yesterday later made the shocking discovery of a buried foetus.

The woman spotted the neighbour, in her 20s, digging soil at the back of their flats at Taman Kemena Sutera around 11am.

Curious, she questioned the neighbour, who claimed she was looking for worms.

Suspecting the neighbour was up to no good, the woman informed her husband of the incident.

They decided to investigate and dug up a black plastic bag, which contained the foetus, believed to be four months old.

When questioned, the neighbour claimed she had disposed of the foetus because she had a miscarriage.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving reports of a commotion between residents.

It is said that the suspect, who has a seven-month-old daughter, has lived in the flat with several others for the past three months.

She was later taken to Bintulu Hospital for a medical check-up.

Police are investigating the case.