Monday, May 16

Malaysia’s first mobile vet clinic launched in Miri


(From left) Dr Abdul Aziz, Dr Ling, Lee, Lai and Dr Aini cutting the ribbon to officially launch the mobile vet clinic.

Lee checking out the mobile vet clinic.

Malaysia’s first mobile veterinary clinic.

Dr Ling explaining to Lee (centre) and Lai (behind) the functions of some of the vet equipment available in the mobile vet clinic.

MIRI: The launching of Malaysia’s first mobile veterinary clinic in Miri will provide convenience to pet owners not only in Miri but also neighbouring country Brunei.

The clinic was launched yesterday by Dr Ling Tung King of Alliance Mobile Veterinary Services (Sarawak & Brunei) at his vet clinic – Live Animals Medical Centre at Piasau here.

“I am very happy that the first mobile veterinary clinic in the country is set up by a Mirian.

“I hope this trend will also be picked up by other vets nationwide so that it can also be available in other places apart from Miri,” said Assistant Minister of Communications Datuk Lee Kim Shin when officiating at the launching of the clinic yesterday.

Among those present were Miri mayor Lawrence Lai, Professor Datin Paduka Dr Aini Ideris and Professor Dr Abdul Aziz Saharee from Department of Veterinary Clinical Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Putra Malaysia.

According to Lee, the setting up of the clinic was the result of Dr Ling’s hard work and determination to be the first to set up such clinic in the country.

“In this modern world, people are always busy and may not have the time to take their pets to the vet. With the mobile vet in place, the public have no reason to not give their pets the required treatments or vaccinations.

“In that sense, Dr Ling plays an important role in helping pet owners with busy schedule, get treatment for their pets,” he said adding that bringing pets to vet clinic nowadays may not be practical for some pet owners.

Lee also hoped other veterinarians will follow Dr Ling’s footsteps.

“I really support the mobile vet clinic because I know the real need for it. I have dogs and I know what it is like when your pets need medical treatments but you are not able to bring them to the vet,” he said.

In his address earlier, Dr Ling said yesterday marked a very special moment for him as the mobile veterinary clinic vehicle is the first state-of-the-art unit of its kind in Malaysia.

“It proves that we Mirians or Sarawakians can be more advanced in ideas and we dare to be innovative.

“Though I have been doing house calls for many years, the licence for the mobile veterinary clinic’s vehicle was only approved by the Road Transport Department (RTD) yesterday (March 18),” he said.

Dr Ling disclosed that the licence took time to be approved because RTD did not have category to list it under, being the first such vehicle in Malaysia.

The vehicle is equipped with a surgery table along with other veterinary equipment to help vets carry out house calls.

“A visit to the vet can be an incredibly stressful, even traumatic experience for many pets, not to mention their owners.

“The car ride, strange sights and sound of the waiting room, and unfamiliar surroundings produce significant anxiety in many animals, which is especially undesirable in animals that already may not be feeling well,” he said.

He disclosed that a veterinary house call provides a comfortable, relaxed environment for pets, which can result in a more accurate diagnosis or more effective treatment.

In conjunction with the official launching of the mobile veterinary clinic, Dr Ling made donations to several bodies and schools in Miri.

Recipients of the donations include MRCS Miri Kidney Dialysis Centre, Association of Parents with Children with Special Needs (Pibakis Miri), Kelab Social dan Kebajikan Harmoni Miri, Pei Min Middle School, Riam Road Secondary School and Miri Chinese Primary Schools Association.

Dr Ling graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1983. While in UPM, he followed Prof Dr Abdul Aziz on mobile vet services for large animals. This was a kick-start for the idea for mobile veterinary services for small animals, hence the idea for the mobile clinic.