Friday, December 3

Use dialogue to deal with religious issues – Ramlee


Qari champion Hj Abdullah bin Abdul Wahid from Kampung Bugaya receiving the prize from Ramlee (left).

SEMPORNA: The price of peace is high and the government must continue to monitor and maintain the sensitivity of religious issues triggered by certain quarters to spark chaos, said Assistant Finance Minister Datuk Ramlee Marhaban.

In dealing with sensitive issues related to race and religion, he said the most appropriate approach for creating harmony between races and religions is a culture of dialogue approach.

Ramlee said that this dialogue should be based on sincerity and maturity to achieve understanding and harmony.

He said that in the context of inter-religious relations, a dialogue that is represented by the respective religious figures would produce a positive impact on the people.

“Peace and harmony must be preserved and maintained through existing diversity and plurality. This is the uniqueness of our country. Don’t just because of a mosquito, the mosquito nets get burnt,” he said during the Semporna district-level Quran recital on Saturday.

“Just because of two or three trivial issues that do not agree, then we are willing to forgo peace and security today. Conflict and strife will only show weakness,” he said.