Sunday, May 26

Shorter Mukah-Bintulu ride by 2016


Work has started on road linking Kuala Serumpai to Kuala Tatau, RM230-mln project includes three bridges

MUKAH: The 11-km road from Kuala Serumpai to Kuala Tatau, dubbed the missing link, costing RM230 million has started and will be completed by June 2016.

Upon completion, the travel distance from Mukah to Bintulu town will be shortened by 120 km and will take only two hours compared to now, which is three and a half hours over a distance of 220 km.

However, to build the road, three bridges would have to be built first – two small bridges costing RM5 million each and a major one, Kuala Tatau Bridge, which costs RM80 million.

“Just the bridges alone cost about RM90 to RM100 million and the total cost of the road is RM230 million. This is a state project.

“This road is very important because it is called the missing link (connecting Kuala Serumpai to Bintulu). With the road, we will be able to shorten the distance from Mukah to Bintulu by 120km.

“It is approved not because of this (Balingian) by-election. It was approved last year,” Infrastructure and Communication Minister Dato Sri Michael Manyin told a press conference at the Media Centre here yesterday.

When completed, he said the single carriage road with two lanes would not only benefit the constituents of Jepak but also constituents of Balingian and Dalat.

Due to that, he said Balingian town will become a transit town like Selangau because it is situated half way between Mukah and Bintulu.

In addition, he said the road will also ease the transportation of goods and palm oil from Mukah to Bintulu.

Press Metal Sdn Bhd will also benefit from the road as it would cut the transportation time of aluminium ingots, he added.

The RM230-million project has been awarded to a joint venture company formed by China Yunnan, Road Bridge Engineering Sdn Bhd and Piasau Concrete Sdn Bhd.