Friday, April 19

BDA to help govt achieve zero squatters


Datu Mohidin Ishak

BINTULU: Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) is committed to assisting the government achieve zero squatters in Bintulu with the construction of another 2,000 units of affordable houses and 1,000 houses under the village extension project.

BDA general manager Datu Mohidin Ishak said the Land and Survey Department has completed the acquisition of an area near the Kemena Industrial Estate for that purpose.

“We are proceeding to develop 2,000 units of low cost and more than 1,000 units of houses under village extension and at least solve the housing problem here,” he said.

Meanwhile, he anticipated there would be no problem in meeting the need for medium and high cost housing as the private sector would see to it that more units were available for buyers.

For low-cost housing, he said BDA would be working closely with the private sector to provide basic facilities within the new designated area.

“For this low cost, BDA has certain procedure, those who have already owned a house will not
be entitled, there will be terms and conditions and priority will be given to the locals.

“Because we will also need to do re-allocation for villagers in several villages, this is for extended families as well and not just for squatters,” he added.

Speaking to reporters yesterday, he was also asked about the lack of parking space, especially at the Central Business District (CBD) area.

The CBD is expected to grow even bigger and busier once the Paragon and nearby development projects are completed and there is a need for BDA to plan for the future as they will bring more economic activities and of course congestion.

Mohidin further said that under the Ninth and 10th Malaysia Plan, BDA had requested for a special budget to build a multi-storey car park but unfortunately it had yet to be given green light.

Nevertheless, he said there were other townships outside the CBD and some new townships to be constructed which would have sufficient parking lots.

“Maybe we can get the Curtin University to look into the specific demand at the CBD,” he suggested.

Mohidin and several senior officers were earlier invited to a special programme called Bintulu – Info [email protected] RTM Bintulu.

This new one-hour programme goes on air every Tuesday from 10am to 11am.

“I think this programme is very good, an opportunity for BDA to get closer to the people, as a local and development authority we can explain on various issues, policies, development planning.

“The people want us to be more transparent, so provide them with updates on what are currently happening.

“So we need constructive feedback from the public that can be used to further improve our service delivery,” he said.

For the first session, Mohidin shared some general information about BDA and its roles. On the following week, more specific areas will be discussed.

“Nothing that we cannot solve, it’s just that we need to explain, get feedback, constructive suggestions will be appreciated,” he added.

Also present during the programme were BDA secretary Siti Aishah Othman and BDA manager Latiff Upit.