Monday, August 15

Special dinner planned for fishing contest participants


MIRI: A special dinner has been planned for Miri City International Deep Sea Fishing Tournament participants on May 18.

The Miri Anglers Club and Meritz Hotel are collaborating to create a dining experience that is both educational and entertaining.

It will feature a video presentation by Meritz Hotel executive chef Benny Chin on how to prepare three dishes to be served at the dinner.

“The collaboration is to present a different dining experience that has not been done before in Miri. At the same time, this is also done to promote Miri’s tourism industry in connection with the Visit Malaysia Year,” said Meritz branding and marketing manager Doreen Liu.

The three deep sea fish dishes are ‘Sashimi and Umai Great Amberjack’, ‘Thai Style with Mango and Chilli Ruby Snapper’ and ‘Giant Grouper Braised with Dried Chilli and Ginger’.

She said all the fish are sought-after and can be caught at Luconia Shoals, 100km off the coast of Miri.

The Great Amberjack can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean at between 20 and 70 metre depths. It is a fast swimming pelagic fish that is prized by sports fishermen.

Snapper live in tropical and subtropical regions of all oceans, having the ability to grow up to one metre in length.

Giant Grouper are highly sought-after, with the belly, liver and maw being delicacies among Asians. A 120kg grouper can sell for over RM10,000.

Meanwhile, dinner tickets are priced at RM30 each.

Contact tournament secretary Simon Wee at 012-8501995 for tickets.