Friday, August 19

Traders at former SEDC building cry for help


MIRI: A group of Bumiputera traders who used to operate at the old Sarawak SEDC building, which was demolished last year, is seeking updates on the proposed new building.

They said the taking down of the building was akin to ‘throwing sand into their rice bowl’.

A trader, who requested anonymity, said the place where the building once stood was now a free-parking area for members of the public.

“The act of demolishing the (old) SEDC building is sort of like being ignorant of the welfare of Bumiputera traders operating there.

“It was demolished so soon that many of us (traders) hardly had time to plan our next move. Some of us are now in debt as we don’t have a place to trade,” he said to The Borneo Post yesterday.

He lamented that the proposed project had not moved an inch and this worried the traders.

“The area is now a dusty parking area where vehicle owners can park their vehicles for free.

“If the authority is really genuine in helping Bumiputera traders, construction of a new building should already have started.”