Yussibnosh praised for asking questions for first time


NEWLY elected assemblyman Yussibnosh Balo (BN-Balingian) asking questions for the first time at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting yesterday received praise from Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office (Islamic Affairs) Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman.

“I wish to inform the honourable member from Balingian that he had forwarded four questions to us. It is okay, new people can have a lot of questions.

“I wish to congratulate him for speaking for the first time in the ‘dewan’ (DUN),” Daud said before answering Yussibnosh’s questions.

To his first question on the progress of the reconstruction of Kampung Pulat jetty in his constituency, Daud said the reconstruction is being implemented and progress is 50 per cent.

For the second question, Yussibnosh wanted to know the progress of repair work done on the cement road at Kampung Masjid, which Daud informed him had been completed.

As to his question on Kampung Baru bridge repair, Daud said the work had been changed to the construction of a new road which is 40 per cent done.

On the construction of a road in Liok area, Daud said it is under the Rural and Regional Development Ministry with Felcra as the implementing agency.

Yussibnosh’s supplementary question on the status of the coastal highway from Kuala Balingian to Bintulu was not part of the question submitted, so Daud advised him to submit the question to him at a later date.