‘Don’t badmouth country regardless of differences’


PUTRAJAYA: No Malaysian should ridicule or badmouth the country when overseas, regardless of whatever opinions and differences they may harbour.

“We may have our differences or issues but focus on these issues and we can debate them in a mature democratic manner … but please, do not ridicule or badmouth the country.

“All other leaders, they may have their differences, but when they go out (overseas), they do not speak bad about their respective countries,” said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.

He was speaking to reporters when delivering a keynote address at the Perdana Discourse Series held in the Perdana Leadership Foundation here today.

Abdul Wahid said while the people’s freedom of expression was highly respected, it must be done in a mature and civilised  manner.

He said marching on the streets was not the right way to do as it would  disrupt the traffic, the livelihood of the people, as well as businesses.

“If you want your views to be heard, what better way than to having it in a controlled environment such as a stadium or in places where there are facilities, especially toilet, surau and proper PA (public address) system so that your views or speeches can be heard audibly by the people and the media,” he reasoned.

Abdul Wahid said any government that was brought down through demonstrations was not sustainable as it would adopt the same tactic to regain power.

“We have seen this in many countries around the world,” he noted. The discourse series, themed ‘How Can Malaysian Youth Best Prepare for the Future’ is a collaborative effort between Universiti Teknologi Mara and the foundation, aimed at initiating discussions among scholars, concerned public and future leaders on the issue. — Bernama