Thursday, June 8

‘Gangsters’ turning Taman Stutong Indah upside down?


KUCHING: Taman Stutong Indah residents are worried about the security and harmony in their area following the completion of a ‘suspicious looking’ building at Lorong Setia Raja 12A.

According to a Neighbourhood Watch committee member surnamed Chong, the single-storey building
took over the grass verge, footpath and drains in an obvious move to make room for more parking lots.

“We found out that the building does not have any approval from MBKS or the Land and Survey Department. Furthermore, we learnt the building belongs to a gang (Sibuti Gang) banned by the Home Ministry and they have every intention to use it for a pub, not for residential purpose,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Chong cautioned that the building, if allowed to operate as a pub, would bring in unsavoury people to the housing estate.

“Our Neighbourhood Watch committee has been working to maintain security and harmony over the years and all will go to waste if gangsters are allowed to build as they like in our area and the authorities turning a blind eye and deaf ear to a blatant disregard of the law,” he lamented.

“We would like the relevant authorities to explain why they are encouraging such disrespectful act to proliferate in Kuching.”

Chong claimed the committee members had met MBKS deputy mayor, city secretary and several
other enforcement officers on April 2 this year to discuss the matter.
They had even lodged a police report on April 3 to alert the police of the existence of the banned gang.

“We have urged MBKS to exercise the greatest duty and diligence in not approving the said building
as no building plans were submitted before construction as required by the law. Even MBKS, in a 2013 news report, said home owners are required to submit building plans to MBKS before commencing
renovation works on their houses.

“Yet why are MBKS and the Land and Survey Department allowing such precedent of illegality to
happen? Why are they allowing people to build first before approving their plans? Are there any penalties for the abuse of the law in cases like this?

“What do the authorities do about protecting the rights of residents living in a planned housing estate
and the right of the environment as stated in the title deed?”