South City Council initiatives bearing fruit


MBKS mayor Datuk James Chan (centre) in a group photo with MBKS teams Southern Thinkers and RnV Dynamic that recently participated in the KIK Convention 2014.

KUCHING: Kuching South City Council (MBKS) embarked on quality initiatives a few years ago and has since managed to improve the quality of service delivery to the public.

According to a press statement, the result of the initiatives is the participation of MBKS teams in the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) Convention 2014 recently where teams from different local authorities in Sarawak were tasked to present their most innovative solutions and inventions that would improve and upgrade services of their respective agencies.

MBKS sent two teams namely Southern Thinkers and RnV Dynamic in the technical category of the convention, which was organised by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development in collaboration with the Chief Minister’s Department.

The Southern Thinkers emerged first place in the technical category for their 2-in-1 gardening tool creation called ‘Tugalizer’ that aims to replace the use of the conventional hoe to expedite the process of fertilising the landscape; making it a very handy and easy-to-use tool for gardeners, landscapers, councils and those who love gardening.

The conventional hoe would require eight persons to carry out fertilising for one tree whereas the time-saving ‘Tugalizer’ would only require one person to produce the same output.

Another advantage of this tool is that it can be used on narrow road dividers and is suitable for use on all types of soils.

Meanwhile, RnV Dynamic managed to grab the Best Performance title in the same category with their invention ‘Optimus Prime One’, an upgraded version of the normal trolley which can be used to carry furniture such as tables and chairs from one place to another in fewer rounds and lesser time.

It is a modified trolley with added custom functions such as custom fit metal brackets and plates which can be flipped. Such features function to secure chairs and tables when in use and it can carry 15 plastic chairs at any given time and at least 10 banquet chairs and four units of tables.

In addition, the equipment can also easily hold items with weight ranging from 90kg to 100kg, making it capable of moving sizeable loads.

The equipment can be operated without hassle. Its ergonomic feature helps to reduce back injuries and it is suitable for staff who are advancing in age.

The council hopes that these two useful tools will help cut down excessive expenses, produce faster and better results, hence be a cost reduction strategy and quality service to the people.