Sunday, November 17

Wanita Rurum Kelabit members to relay concepts of GST, 1Malaysia to folks in the interior


(Seated from second left) Kijan, Jane Lian and Rurum Kelabit ladies at the Gawai gathering.

MIRI: Organise activities that boost the morale of the Orang Ulus and can identify problems at the grassroots for channelling to the relevant authority.

This suggestion to members of the Women’s wing of Rurum Kelabit Sarawak came from Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, Kijan Toynbee during a Gawai gathering in Kuching.

Also present was Wanita Rurum Kelabit chairlady Jane Lian.

Kijan said Kelabit women play an important role in reaching out to the people by relaying government plans to the rakyat in the interior, such as on the GST and the 1Malaysia concept.

She said the women’s association was relevant to people in each division, so most of their activities would relay government policies, plans and development.

Kijan said activities of interest to the community such as sports would create team work among the Rurum Kelabit ladies.

“We must stay united, work together and assist the government to channel its policies to the community through various activities,” she said.

She said the association must continue to work closely with the government that had brought change to the Orang Ulu community.

At the occasion, Kijan donated RM1,000 to Wanita Rurum Kelabit for it to organise more activities.