Monday, July 22

DBNA umbrella body for Bidayuh dialectical groups — Temenggong


KUCHING: All Bidayuhs irrespective of their origin should recognise Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) as an umbrella body for the smaller dialectical groupings in the community.

Kuching Division Bidayuh paramount chief Temenggong Austin Dimin said this when representing Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos Mamit at the officiating of the triennial general meeting (TGM) of Persatuan Kemajuan dan Kebudayaan Asal Pinyawa (PKKAP) at Kampung Peraya community hall in Padawan, near here, recently.

“Be it Pinyawa or other smaller associations like Biperoh, Bisapug, Serembu, Bibukar, Jaksa (Asal Siburan) and the like, they ought to recognise DBNA as the main platform for Bidayuh unity,” he said.

He added that they should not deviate from the main objective of DBNA to unite the Bidayuh community.

“In fact, these dialectical associations should become a platform to foster greater unity and cooperation among Bidayuhs of different dialects,” he said while reminding all the headmen in the 14 Pinyawa villages to maintain close rapport with the rakyat and government.

He also urged the village development and security committee (JKKK) of each of the villages to hold a meeting at least once a month.

“In the meeting, agendas to be discussed should be particularly on development projects to benefit the villagers,” he added, while advising the headmen to discuss related matters with him at his office.

While commending PKKAP for being an active association, Austin urged members especially parents to be resilient and adapt to the present trend of the younger generation.

“The young generation especially school leavers must be well-guided not only by their teachers but most importantly parents. Good behaviour and morality must be properly nurtured at home, only then we’ll craft a better generation.”

Meanwhile, at the election of the new PKKAP office bearers for 2014/2017, Douglas Jipau was returned uncontested as president.

The rest elected were as follows: ASP Poge Nyaon (deputy president), Dadi Tiap Juul (assistant president I), Cr Damien Rejek (assistant president II), Awat Rinjik (secretary – appointed), Dakon Amit (treasurer), Jites Ringos (communication officer), Edwin Jemat (multimedia officer) and Nuwus (cultural officer).

Dawos and State Legislative Assembly deputy speaker Datuk Roland Sagah Wee Inn were appointed as advisor I and II respectively.

Among those present at the event were special aide to Dawos, Munded Banat, other community leaders and headmen representing the 14 Pinyawa villages.