Wednesday, June 16

Newly registered USNO Baru to go on membership drive


KOTA KINABALU: The new United Sabah National Organization (USNO Baru) whose registration has been endorsed by the Registrar of Societies (RoS) is calling on Sabahans who subscribe to its vision and objectives to become its members.

Its president, Dulli Tiaseh, said that USNO (Baru) in its Constitution has outlined 10 objectives but for the moment has prioritized four, which are: to ensure that the equality, stability, prosperity and well-being of Sabahans in Malaysia are always protected; to defend and protect Sabah and Sabahans’ rights in Malaysia; to uphold and protect the culture and traditions of Sabahans, and to continue respecting the freedom of religion practised in the state.

“We need to champion the rights of Sabah and its people because we want to be assured of equality in Malaysia after 50 years of independence,” Dulli said, when contacted by The Borneo Post yesterday.

“Sabah needs to be treated equally as Peninsular Malaysia as it was one of the three components that formed Malaysia,” he stressed.

He added that Usno (Baru) would always support the Government as long as its policies and development plans will benefit the people but it will not shirk from its responsibility of telling the government when things are not right.

“This is our duty as a Sabahan and as a Malaysian,” he stressed, adding that Usno (Baru) will ensure that the government only does what is relevant for the people.

He also said that USNO (Baru) membership drive is being carried out in all its 26 divisions, including Labuan, and those who have remained loyal to the party will also be encouraged to join.

“USNO (Baru) has received RoS’ endorsement letter for the party to hold its annual general meeting in February on May 5 this year and has also endorsed the party’s leadership,” he said.

The leadership line-up of USNO (Baru) comprises Dulli (president), Capt (R) Awang Damit Mohamad (deputy president), Serin @ Hasrin Hj Awang (secretary general), Rang Rainah binti Hj Abd Ghani (treasurer general), Muhammad Said (deputy secretary general).

The committee members are Mohd Salleh Mohd Lin, Ismail Mohd Said, Abd Sani Marif, Mohd Abdillah Timbasal, Jaidah Pilang @ Matusin, Ramdan @ Mandy Gudan, Manshur OKK Mohd Yassin, Tahir Mushin, Perais Sharif Baba, Rodziah Perinsil, Irian Nanang and Ahmad Awang.