Tuesday, June 15

PKR, Star Sabah members join PBRS


MATUNGGONG: A score of PKR and Star Sabah members from 12 villages here have left their parties to join Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS).

The group handed over their membership application forms to PBRS president Tan Sri Joseph Kurup during a “Majlis Santai bersama Presiden” hosted by Matunggong division chief Richard Kastum.

The group were among 527 individuals who applied to join PBRS after losing faith and becoming disappointed with the opposition’s failure to deliver their promises, according to a statement released by the party’s Wanita chief, Zainon Hj Kayum, here last night.

“They are from Kg Lajong, Popot, Minansad, Tanah Merah, Minikodong, Kirangawan, Panikuan, Bingingolon, Parapat, Rasak, Torongkongan Laut and Tigaman. Some of them are fresh members while others were from PKR and Star who now return to BN through PBRS.

“They have realized that only BN can fulfill the need and aspiration of the people,” the statement quoted Richard.

Meanwhile, Kurup has urged PBRS members and leaders at all divisions to continue their effort to help further strengthen the support of the people towards BN.

He said this was important to ensure that development agendas can be implemented fully and benefit the people across the State.

Kurup also thanked and commended party members and leaders at the division who have remained loyal to the PBRS struggle.