Youth involved in social entrepreneurship


KUCHING: A 14-year-old kid has initiated RecycleCity. Darence Ki’s project aims to inspire and teach young people to practise good recycling habits by collecting and selling recycled items and using the proceeds to sponsor children in poverty ridden countries like Africa.

According to a press release yesterday, the Form 2 student was one of a cohort of students from Lodge School attending a workshop entitled ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ delivered by the International Magis Society (IMS) chairman Nigel Lo and director of the Western Australia Socio Economic Foundation (Wasef), Mathias Morgan.

After the workshop, students were given an opportunity to do a write-up on a business proposal and submit it to Wasef and IMS.

The two organisations headquartered in Western Australia would vet through the proposals before deciding whether to mentor and support them.

“We want to inspire students to nurture their ambition to make a difference through business and entrepreneurship. That is the very heart of social entrepreneurship,” explained Lo.

He said Darence Ki’s project was an example of how young people with potential could impact their community.

“After attending the workshop, I wanted to act on this rare opportunity. It isn’t everyday you get a chance to learn how to make a difference to the community through business and entrepreneurship,” Ki said.

“We may be teenagers but with the right attitude, we can do our part, however small, to make the world a better place,” he added.

RecycleCity can be accessed at website which provides ideas and encouragement to people on how they can protect the environment through recycling and channel proceeds from the recycling exercise to worthy charitable causes.