Sunday, September 24

Woman claims conned into borrowing money by ‘fiance’ to-be


KAPIT: A woman here has claimed that she was conned into borrowing a total of RM86,000 by a man who had promised to marry her.

According to the 36-year-old, who works at a school, the man had convinced her that the money was necessary for him to start a business in Bintulu.

She claimed he had promised to marry her once the business was established.

In her report lodged at the Kapit police department, the woman claimed to have borrowed RM58,000 from a bank here and another RM28,000 from a Sibu moneylender in April following the man’s persistent requests for financial help so that they could begin their married life together.

The woman claimed she then gave all her borrowings to him.

She said the man had given her RM270 as payment for the months of May and June.

However, there was no payment last month and he could no longer be contacted.

Sensing something amiss, she consulted her family and friends, who advised her to file a police report.

The woman lamented that both the moneylender and bank required monthly repayments, which she is unable to meet due to her limited income.

She also claimed to be financially supporting her two younger siblings.