Rep wants Long Lama to be connected to state power grid


MIRI: Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau has called on Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) to look into the possibility of connecting Long Lama to the state grid for more stable energy.

Ngau (second right) being briefed by an SEB staff (right) on the operation at the station.

He said this was necessary because Long Lama was no longer just a ‘bazaar’ like it was 15 years ago as there were now government offices and economic activities going on there.

Presently, electricity for the over 3,000 people there is supplied by a power station, and with the increase in population and activities in the area, he feared the station might be unable to cope with the increasing need and demand.

“I received complaints from the people in Long Lama of frequent power outage or blackout. Sometimes the blackout was for the whole day and this is not good for the people, especially the business community and government offices,” he lamented.

The sub-district was experiencing power outage when Ngau visited Long Lama.

Businessmen who approached the assemblyman said the power failure started in the early part of the day and was yet to be restored, forcing coffee shops to close early.

After being informed of the power outage, Ngau visited the power station and noticed that its staff was in the midst of identifying the cause.

“If SEB is able to pull the grid line from the nearest place such as Bakong, Marudi or Miri it will not only benefit the people in Long Lama but also the around 20 longhouses and settlements near it,” he said.

He further said if that was done, the rural electrification scheme (RES) could also be extended to these longhouses and settlements such as Long Banyok through the Ministry of Rural Development.

“Currently they depend on generator to generate power. It is costly for them as most of them depend on farming activities. If SEB can pull the grid line, these people will also be able to enjoy 24-hour power supply,” he said.