Tuesday, November 29

Keningau villagers in dire straits as rivers dry up


KENINGAU: The prolonged dry spell is causing grave concern among some 10,000 residents of 17 villages in this district as they may be facing a shortage of clean water supply soon.

Penagatan River, the only water source for the people of Kampung Ulu Penagatan, Kasugui and Kiporing, is drying up too due to the prolonged dry spell.

Sebrang area developer, Ramian Ayub, said the government should now be taking proactive measures to overcome this problem.

He said the drought and prevailing dry weather were making the lives of people in the area miserable.

“The government should look into the concerns of the people by providing clean water through the rural water supply system (BALB) at Sebrang in the Sook area as they have long been waiting for such infrastructure to be built in their area,” he told reporters here yesterday.

Ramian said the people here feel that it is time the government provide water through BALB for this area, besides other areas close to Keningau town.

He said the affected villages are Penagatan Ulu, Bomboi, Penagatan Laut, Kasugui, Magatang, Ambual, Luanti Baru, Marapok, Sodomon, Pantai Baru, Panui, Marasak, Linsudan, Kaimadang, Baitah, Mansiang and Kiporing.

Additionally, he said six primary schools were also affected by this problem.

According to Ramian, the drought has caused the villagers to rely on gravity pipes to obtain water as the rivers were also severely affected.

“The streams in Sebrang area are starting to dry up along with the rivers due to the prolonged drought at the moment.

“Presently, the water supply can only reach up to Taman Bersatu housing estate and Apin-Apin to Kepayan Baru,” he said.

Ramian said this issue must be resolved as soon as possible and proposed that the government should have in place a mechanism to anticipate and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

A survey yesterday showed the Penagatan River is the only water source for the people of Kampung Ulu Penagatan, Kasugui and Kiporing due to the prolonged drought.