Sunday, May 26

‘Water crisis averted by Gerugu Dam’


SARIKEI: The Gerugu Dam in Ulu Sarikei with a storage capacity of 13.9 million cubic metres did not only spare Sarikei from the water crisis during the recent dry spell but has excess for distribution to other divisions.

Awang Tengah (centre), Entri (left) Ubaidillah (right) on arrival at Bayong Water Treatment Plant.

During a working visit to Bayong Water Treatment Plant here, Public Utilities Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hassan said during the recent dry spell Gerugu Dam came to the rescue of Bayong reservoir when its water level dropped to below critical on June 26.

He said raw water from Gerugu Dam was immediately relayed to Bayong Treatment Plant to ensure that supply of treated water there was not disrupted.

He further assured that there would be sufficient supply of treated water in the division when extension to the Bayong Treatment Plant is completed by October next year.

“With the production capacity of the new treatment plant costing RM97 million at 30 MLD, Sarikei should not encounter any treated water problem in many years to come,” he said.

He also said there should be no problem even if the huge excess of water were to be distributed to Mukah Division through Tanjung Manis.

In that respect, the Second Minister of Resource Planning and Environment said the existing pipes to Tanjung Manis would be replaced with bigger ones.

While the existing treatment plant also serves Julau, Sare and Selalang areas, the new treatment plant will serve Pakan area, he added.

Among those present were Assistant Minister of Public Utilities (Water Supply) Datuk Sylvester Entrie, Ministry of Public Utilities permanent secretary Ubaidillah Abdul Latip, Resident Dahim Nadot, divisional engineer Teo Nguong Leong, JKR Central Region project manager John Wong, district officer Khalid Andong and senior government officers.