Tuesday, March 19

Message of peace and love from Planetshakers


A section of the over 3,500-strong audience.

The finale pose by the Planetshakers.

THE Planetshakers — world renowned Australian praise-and-worship band — set Miri alight during a two-hour live concert at the Miri Indoor Stadium on August 12.

Over 3,500 people, mostly youths, including those from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, and Kuching, Mukah, Bintulu, Sibu, Limbang in Sarawak thronged the venue for a night of contemporary Christian music and songs as well as stories of the band members’ encounter with God.

There were also healing prayers and readings from the Bible.

The audience not only gave the thumbs-up to the show but also shared a common prayer with the band members, organisers and volunteers for world peace, and also for countries such as Iraq, Syria, Israel, Gaza and Ukraine to stop killing one another and be at peace with God.

Electrifying performance by the Planetshakers.

Angeliana and Bennet (third and fourth left) dancing along with the attendees and performers.

Multi-pronged goals

This inaugural concert in Miri was organised by the state’s Kelab Belia Kristian Berwawasan (KBKB) and Christian Youth Holistic Ministry, focusing on the holistic development of Christian youths.

Organising chairman and KBKB founder and president Bennet Sali believed the objectives of the concert had been achieved, saying unity was evident when 100 youths from different churches and denominations volunteered to help ensure success for the event.

“Thank God — the concert has brought together the youths and many families in the presence of God. Many leaders and churches now realise what we do best — to unite and work together to get the youths to know their real purpose in life as believers,” Bennet added.

He thanked the Planetshakers for encouraging the audience to make offerings during the concert.

“Yesterday, we received RM122,602.40 in offerings. This fund will be used to hold similar events but focusing more on small groups in a camp or any activities that can bring the youths of today to know God’s purpose in their lives,” he said, and quoting from 1 Timothy 4:12, added:  “The emphasis is on the youths to set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.”

Bennet also thanked everyone, including thesundaypost, for helping to make the event a success.

“The publicity given saw sales shoot up drastically in just two days,” he noted.

Before the concert, goods were also sold at the entrance to the stadium such as t-shirts of KBKB ministries and CD-DVD albums of Planetshakers, including their latest release Limitless.

Planetshakers signing autographs after the concert.

Comments and visions

Planetskakers leader pastor Rudy Nikkerud and wife pastor Chelsi were very happy with the overwhelming response and open attitudes of Mirians and Malaysians from other parts of the country where they had been performing and conducting conferences.

“The people are very open-minded. In Miri, especially, diversity in unity is evident and how I wished the world could emulate the people here who are living in harmony and peace.

“My aim or the Planetshakers’ vision is they might not remember our names but at least when they go back, they are empowered with God to make the difference in their world and take the love of God and show people true love,” Nikkerud said.

Grace Methodist Church Youth leaders, Oliver Wong from Sibu, and wife, Aarti Wong from Gujrat India, said the concert was very inspiring, adding that although live, it was actually an opportunity to praise God with all the different churches here.

Aarti added that the world community needed to work seriously for peace in Iraq and Ukraine.

“In these countries there is persecution and oppression and it’s very sad, but here there is diversity in unity. We should also have more concerts like this to consolidate peace and harmony,” she suggested.

Petrus Lasong from BEM on the Rock and an ardent fan of the Planetshakers, said: “I’m very fortunate to be able to attend this live concert. I bought most of their albums and they are very inspirational.”

Volunteers Daisyaro Saga (Miri), Angeliana Gansa (Life Church Bintulu), Sandra Lunai Wan, Veronica George and Michelle Huang (students from Politeknik Mukah) said they had no regrets volunteering for the concert, pointing out that it’s a call to serve God in a different capacity.

(From second left) Sandra with fellow volunteers from Mukah showing their t-shirts and handphones autographed by the Planetshakers.

Planetshakers members with organising secretary Eleodiana Rangai Sali (fourth left) and volunteers giving the thumbs-up to the resort city of Miri by forming the letter ‘M’ with their fingers.