Tuesday, March 19

Navy’s Bunga Mas 6 vessel involved in search for MH370 arrives in Lumut


Mohamad Roslan welcomes home Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) vessel Bunga Mas 6 (BM6) auxiliary personnel at Lumut Navy base. — Bernama photo

LUMUT: Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) vessel Bunga Mas 6 (BM6) which was involved in the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the Indian Ocean, returned safely to the Naval base here.

TLDM fleet commander vice-admiral Datuk Mohamad Roslan Ramli was at hand to receive the crew the TLDM Base in Lumut at 9am yesterday.

BM6 Commanding officer, Commander J Kuharaj said the vast ocean, its depth, uncertain weather, monstrous waves were among the major challenges faced by everyone involved in the search.

“Me and the crew knew the challenges that we will be facing. So, we had to go through such obstacles because our main concern was to find the missing flight MH370,” he told reporters here yesterday.

BM6 has Commander Kuharaj as its commanding officer and a crew of 25 comprising personnel of the Malaysian International Shipping (MISC) absorbed into the RMN Volunteer Reserve Force.

A medical officer from the army was also included in the aid mission.

The BM6 was the eighth vessel involved in a multinational search for the missing flight. — Bernama