‘Helping children do well in studies responsibility of all’


SIBU: Parents and the community at large should share equal responsibility in helping students do well in their studies.

Salang (second right) presenting the champion trophy to Aya Orang Muda team leader Methias Alum.

In saying this, 1Malaysia Sarawak Advisory Council chairman Datuk Joseph Salang added parents should be committed in helping their children do well in their studies. He told parents this at a motivation course for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) students of SMK Pakan in Pakan district yesterday.

The one-day event was part of the annual Pakan Fest which also has academic excellence as one of its objectives.

Salang, who is Julau MP, went on to say on the part of the community, those who had excelled in their studies and are professionals or successful businessmen now should help to encourage and motivate the students.

“Parent-teacher associations too play a very important role. Members can discuss with teachers on ways and means to get students to become straight A students,” he said.

He said students, especially those who stayed in hostels, had very good facilities and enjoy many types of government assistance, compared to those in the 1960s or 70s.

“Even in their longhouses, there is now a conducive environment for them to study with power supply reaching most rural areas. There is little reason for them not to do well if they are focused, serious and disciplined,” he pointed out.

To the teachers, he said they should teach students like they would teach their own children.

Meanwhile, he advised students not to shun blue-collar jobs or commercial farming when they entered the workforce.

“Those with technical qualification now can earn much or even more than those in white-collar jobs. Remember that your technical training is upgradeable. You can progress to a professional qualification by taking up off-campus courses,” he added.

Salang said the future for growing crops like pepper, rubber or oil palm is also good, besides vegetable farming.

“A number of those in Pakan are earning very well from pepper,” he noted.

He advised rural students not to allow their handphones to rule their lives.

“There is nothing wrong with having them but use them to communicate and to accessthe Internet for knowledge,” he advised them.

Later, Salang officiated at a ‘Taboh’ (playing of traditional Iban musical instruments) and ‘Ngajat’ (traditional Iban dance) competition as part of the Pakan Fest.

Nine teams took part. Aya Orang Muda team won RM500 for emerging as the champion.

In second place was Barisan Cawagan Daya (RM350) and third, SDNU Pakan (RM250).

Kumang Pesta Pakan 2014 beauty contest as well as the Keling Pesta Pakan and the ‘Battle of the Band’ were also held.