Tuesday, June 25

SMC welcomes constructive criticisms


SIBU: Sibu Municipal Council is receptive to constructive criticisms but not bad-mouthing, council chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King told the council’s monthly meeting yesterday.

He said there were bound to be shortcomings in the council’s service to the public; hence the council was always receptive to constructive criticism.

He said he expected the public to compliment the efforts of the council, in helping to make the town clean.

“If you see people litter, educate them or even tell them off rather than blame the council for the dirtiness of the town,” he suggested.

Tiong said he had noticed that certain individuals were fond of pointing fingers at the council for every little problem.

“You know who they are, and you know they do it with vested interest,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chairman said Sibu town had improved a lot but there were still people who were found wanting in civic-consciousness.

“Littering, indiscriminate parking and illegal extensions are still prevalent,” he lamented, noting that illegal occupation of five-foot-ways was still noticeable.

He appealed to the public to shoulder the responsibility of complementing the efforts of the council to make their town a more pleasant place to live in.