Tuesday, May 24

Sapa plans peaceful protest against Shell and Petronas


KUCHING: Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration (Sapa) will stage a peaceful protest against Shell and Petronas in Miri next Monday.

Its president Lina Soo said the human rights NGO (non-governmental organization)
want the two oil and gas companies to give better and greater
benefits to the state and its people.

“We are going to hold a peaceful protest in Miri on Sept 15, against Petronas and Shell because we feel that the state has not been getting a fair deal all the while.

“We are so rich in oil but today about 50,000 Ibans are working in Johor Bahru which shows that we cannot even employ our own people in oil and gas industry,” she said.

She told a media conference here yesterday that Sapa also felt that Shell and Petronas had failed to really benefit the people of Sarawak and this was most disgraceful.

“What we want is for Shell and Petronas to give contracts to eligible local companies as
well as giving more jobs to Sarawakians.

“I don’t have the statistics but we know from facts that
there are more ‘Malayans’ being employed, particularly as senior management staff… they are not Sarawakians,” she quipped.

She lamented that in the past, Shell used to provide technical training for Sarawakians
but apparently even that programme now has also been terminated.

“In view of this, I am sure all Sarawakians will agree that actually we should benefit more from oil and gas resources in the state compared with what we are getting now,” Soo asserted.