MMEA mulls maritime posts for Kpg Kuala Sibuti, Lawas


MIRI: Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Sarawak plans to have a maritime post each at Kampung Kuala Sibuti and in Lawas, probably by next year.

Abim (centre) presents a life jacket to a fisherman. With them is village headman Abdullah Yaman.

MMEA chief enforcement officer here, Captain Abim Sungom, said the one at  Kampung Kuala Sibuti was meant to protect the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park from intrusions.

It is also to help fishermen in the area, especially during emergencies.

“Earlier this year, there were newspaper reports of aliens fishing at the Miri-Sibuti Coral Reef National Park.

“It caught our attention, and we felt there should be a maritime post in the area.

“It will make easier our job of monitoring the area and to help fishermen there, as well,” he said when officiating at the Friends of Maritime event at Kampung Kuala Sibuti, 66km from here, yesterday.

Abim said the proposed post for Lawas was to curb smuggling of goods from Labuan.

“We have proposed that the two posts be built next year.”

On fish bombing incidents in Miri waters, he said there had been no new reports in recent times.

“The mass media plays an important role in creating awareness about the dangers of using bombs to catch fish. Such reports do make the public become more aware that fish bombing can destroy protected corals, among others.”

On the Friends of Maritime programme, Abim said it was meant to gel ties between the agency and the villagers, particularly the fisherman.

During the gathering, Miri MMEA gave 50 life jackets to fishermen as part of an exercise to raise awareness on the need to stay safe when at sea.