Sunday, October 1

Sri Aman folk invited to ‘Rindok Na Ngan Family’ programme this weekend


SRI AMAN: The people here are invited to participate in the ‘Rindok Na Ngan Family’ programme at the Batang Lupar Waterfront today (Sept 27).

Organised by the Sri Aman Resident Office together with the Sri Aman Youth Development Committee, the two-day programme includes exciting activities for the whole family.

“There will be a colouring competition as well as sports activities involving the whole family,” said organising chairman Hamdan Katang yesterday.

To kick-start the event, a karaoke competition will be held at 11am and is divided into the men, women, family and the 60’s categories.

There will also be an IQ test conducted by the Sri Aman Youth Development Committee and a ‘Family Selfie’ competition.

The ‘Family Selfie’ competition he said ,must be based on the programme’s theme and captured between 8am to 11pm at the event’s site.

On Sunday, starting at 8am, an aerobics, group poco-poco and flower arrangement competition among others will be held.

The organisers said each competition will involve a fee of RM10 except the ‘Family
Selfie’ which will be free of charge.