Sunday, August 1

Brother in cooler for drinking ‘em dry’


SIBU: Alcoholism seeps deep in this family, brewing unrest until the situation got so unbearable that a brother and sister lodged a police report against their own elder brother hounding them for money.

With the three living in the same neighbourhood at Ulu Sungai Merah Road. The brother and sister said their elder brother has given them sleepless nights because he had been scrounging money from them to live a life of intoxication.

When the elder brother went to his brother’s house again at noon on Friday, the younger one refused to relent this time. Thrice he went, but, the younger man insisted that enough was enough. In the end, the younger brother had to lock his gate to keep his own brother out. Until the angry sibling threw stones into his house, breaking glass inside. The elder brother then bugged the sister next.

After the younger brother lodged a police report, the sister lodged a second one. Police arrested the elder brother on Friday at 10pm when he was – where else – getting smashed in a coffee shop.