Saturday, December 3

Adopt ‘Focus’ approach, communities told


Banta (third left) receiving a souvenir from the organisers for closing the event.

KUCHING: The local community in Pasai-Siong, Sekuau and Sebintik areas has been advised to be receptive to change, be resilient and adopt a ‘Focus’ approach in daily socio-economic activities.

A former UiTM Sarawak lecturer turned businessman and a serving PRS Supreme Council member Edwin Banta, stressed on the importance of a good education as an intervening strategy to alleviate and improve their livelihood and socio-economic status and challenged parents to put emphasis on their children’s education and make sacrifices in terms of time and resources.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony of a sports event, jointly organised by SK Sg Sibentik, Kpg Sibentik Skim B, Kemas Selangau and Exco Pemuda PRS Tamin held at Balai Raya Kpg Sebintik recently.

Banta further reminded the crowd that there are options in technical and vocational training available for students who find difficulty in pursuing academic excellence.

He said converting existing idle land into a modern farming venture using the concept of ‘Focus’ approach or ‘Ngumpul’, the commercial smallholdings would not only provide an avenue for consistent income but an assurance of consistent yield productions against the traditional concept of ‘Bergiga’, whereby farmers would unfocusedly go hunting, searching jungle produces or seeking job opportunities elsewhere.

Rural farming communities must seize the opportunities and assistance rendered by government departments and agencies in the form of fertilisers, seedlings, grants and technical advice.

Banta also reminded the crowd to focus and adopt three fundamental planning in improving their livelihood such as, Estate Planning, where they must invest within their means to purchase properties and Amanah Saham Bumiputra and have savings for the future.

Secondly, in Education Planning, the parents are to invest in children’s education. Equipped with good education, the children would have good jobs and secured future.

And thirdly, he said Retiring Planning, with good initial investments and educated children, the community would enjoy sustainable wealth and uninterrupted income.

In closing his speech, he advised the local communities from Pasai-Siong, Sekuau and Sekuau to continue to support the BN government and its component parties to work together to ensure Tamin state seat is delivered to BN.

Some 300 guests from nearby longhouses attended the event.