Thursday, December 7

Revoke titles to lands rented to illegal immigrants call


THE land titles of land owners found to rent out their properties to undocumented migrants should be revoked, said Pantai Manis assemblyman Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail.

Abdul Rahim made this call because of security issues faced by local villagers at Kampung Buang Sayang, Papar, due to the growth of undocumented migrant colonies in the area.

He urged the Lands and Surveys Department to hold an integrated operation with the police to investigate the matter, which he said was a security issue faced by those at Kg Buang Sayang, Sri Tanjung, and Kg Sungai Padang, due to “expanding colonies of illegal immigrants.”

He stressed that issues related to the matter were not limited to that of security alone, but also concerns over the worsening of social issues such as distributing and selling of illegal drugs to local youths, theft and robbery, ‘pump boats’ culture, as well as syndicates related to smuggling of goods and others.

“I suggest that the Lands and Surveys Department and the police carry out an operation to investigate the matter pertaining to renting our of lands to illegal immigrants. Should they be found to breach the laws outlined in the Sabah Native Ordinance, action should be taken as they are not only being irresponsible but they are also contributing to the surge of illegal immigrant colonies and issues in the state,” he said.