Monday, May 20

Bandong Walk set to become a reality


SIBU: The proposed Bandong Walk for roadside hawkers in the Bandong area, transforming it into a halal food and economic hub, is set to become a reality.

Bandong is a popular dining place among Sibu locals in the evening.

Nangka assemblyman Dr Annuar Rapa’ee said works on the keenly awaited project should start in a couple of months.

“Hopefully, it would materialise before the fasting month next year. The cost to construct the covered walk amounts to RM400,000 (and) will come from the Implementation Coordination Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department.

“As for the setting up of 20 individual stalls costing about RM100,000, I will request funding from the state government,” Dr Annuar said on the sidelines SK Bandaran Sibu No 3 family day here last Sunday.

Themed ‘1Malaysia Prioritising Family’, the outing was organised by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry in collaboration with National Population and Family Development Board.

Dr Annuar said the Bandong Walk project would help beautify the area upon its completion, adding that the stalls would sell a wide variety of mouth-watering local delicacies.

He was optimistic that the walk could also help transform Bandong into a food haven.

“So, the next time people think of having a taste of the local delicacies, they would think of Bandong Walk.”

Dr Annuar also mentioned that he was striving to refurbish the whole of the Bandong food area, which first saw stalls being set up in the late 80s and had since, it has been a hit among locals.

The brightly-lit area would be packed with crowds during weekends, despite it being quite a distance away from the town centre.

It is perhaps famous for its delectable ‘pulut panggang’ – glutinous rice with filling rolled inside a banana leaf and grilled until slightly charred – which is among the many delicacies available there.