Saturday, September 19

Police nabbed chain drug dealers


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: North Banjarmasin Sector Police nabbed drug dealers who distribute crystal methamphetamine or shabu in sequence from one to another hand to reach the user in Banjarmasin, Antaranews reported.

North Banjarmasin Sector Police Chief Commissioner Herry Purnomo when confirmed, Sunday, revealed the three perpetrators of drug dealers have been arrested.

“All three arrested because of the involvement of ownership of seven packs of shabu weighing 2.03 grams. The three distribute crystal meth in chain,” he said.

Firsly, police arrested MR (17), with a package of crystal meth in a karaoke at Jalan Hasan Basri at around 23:45, Friday (12/12).

This finding then developed, till the police arrested the perpetrator who gave crystal meth to MR. It turns out she is a woman, not young, with the initial S (43). “The arrest is still in the same day 12/12,” he said.

S claimed to have illicit goods from a friend who is also a woman with the initials R. “Unfortunately, R escaped while going to be arrested,” he said.

Fortunately, he said, the chain case is not interrupted for granted. Police received information about R get shabu out of the man with the initials D (28). Police quickly nabbed him.

“From the hands of D, we managed to get as many as seven small packs of shabu stored in cigarettes box,” said the police officer.

According to him, the police are still hunting down the perpetrator who supplied drug to D, and the identity has been recorded.