Tudan street lights still not functioning


Photo shows the street lights at Desaras that are not functioning.

MIRI: Residents at Desaras, Tudan Phase 6 are questioning why street lights installed in the area are still not functioning.

Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) Sarawak Deputy Commissioner III Jofri Jaraiee said residents have complained to the party regarding the street lights.

“Street lights not functioning in Tudan residential areas should be turned on immediately,” he said.

“Without street lighting their residential area is so dark and this will make it easier for unhealthy activities such as loitering teenagers, theft and burglary.”

Jofri called on the authorities such as the police to patrol the area because of the many cases of theft.

He claimed residents feared for their safety, especially housewives and female students.

“With the street lights and also police patrolling there to monitor their housing area, at least they will be protected from any criminal activity that is becoming more common today in the residential area,” he added.