Thursday, February 2

Mass Set Snatcher’s Motorcycle on Fire


BANJARMASIN, South Kalimantan: The mass burned snatcher’s motorcycle, Monday (22/12) at around 16.45 in Pemurus Dalam Village exactly in front of the Permata Regency complex, South Banjarmasin, Antaranews reported.

While the thief was beaten by mass, before being handed over to the South Banjarmasin Police Sector. His victim was a lawyer’s wife.

Chief of the sector police Kompol Sarjono through Chief of Criminal Unit Police Ipda Sugianto said, the actor grab a young mother, resident of Taluk Kelayanan, South Banjarmasin, while in front of an alley near her home.

“Victim who had just come from the market with her daughter suddenly approached by the perpetrator. Her purse grabbed and the actor speed up to run,” said Sugianto.

Victims who was not frustrated pursued the perpetrator and continued shouting “Jambret” (mean snatcher) up about a mile from the crime scene until he was caught.

“Because a lot of people come to chase, the perpetrator fell and arrested by the of mass,” said Sugianto.

The angry residents not only beating up the actor, but his bike was also set on fire. Fortunately, the police quickly arrived and secured the perpetrator.

The perpetrator confessed was drunk and had no money during the action.